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In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres and the Companions of St. Paul have decided to assist with three projects:


1. Catholic Schools in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - Some parents are struggling to keep their children in a Catholic School so we have decided to try to help the nine Catholic Schools of the Marquette Diocese to provide a scholarship for a student(s) who cannot afford the tuition. We believe in the value of a Catholic education so we would like to aid the schools in their ministry of educating our children with good Catholic morals, a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith, good discipline as well as a well rounded education.


2. Venezuela - Our hearts were also drawn once again to Venezuela to a 95 year old man, Mr. Convit who is working to have a system to collect rain water so that they have safe drinking water. Many suffer and die from dysentery, especially the children. In Venezuela there are many small tribes. They each live around a body of water that is contaminated so they do not have safe drinking water. The government forgets about these tribes and their needs. The safe water project is underway however it is not complete and more monies are needed. There is also a dream to construct one building that is central to all of the tribes for education and meetings. At present they have no place to gather. It would be used to educate the children as well as the adults. If the adults are educated about ways to improve their life style, they can work for the changes that are needed.

3. Haiti - You are all well aware that Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and the earthquake has made living conditions more difficult. We have eight schools in Haiti and one health clinic. They are in desperate need of medicine to serve the poor. Help is needed to sponsor student's tuitions in our schools and beyond the level of education that we offer.

We also need help to pay teacher's salaries and to give them a raise. At present, $20.00 a month for 10 months ($200.00) pays for the tuition, the uniform, and a pair of shoes for a student. A teacher's salary is $40.00 a month for 10 months ($400.00). We are also increasing our efforts to feed the children with a goal of sending a care package of food home as often as possible. School supplies are needed and working equipment for the professional schools is needed. Around 75% of Haitians live on less than $2.00 a day and 56% live on less than $1.00 per day. The list is endless. It is clear from the cost of living that we can make a difference in the lives of many. We would deeply appreciate your support for our projects.

You may donate money that will be divided between the 3 projects or you may donate for a specific project or a specific purpose. Just indicate when you send in your donation what your intentions are. Thank you in advance for you generosity.

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